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The DWM-IV is designed for even the most rugged industrial environments. As the benchmark unit for all full-function weightmeters, it offers a long menu of versatile features, precision accuracy, and unsurpassed reliability. The DWM-IV has proven itself as one of the most successful models of all time.  

Keyboard Programmable Setup
All select functions, setup and calibration are programmable through the keyboard. Access to setup mode is enabled by internal program select.
Note: * indicates a programmable function

bullet Pushbutton Zero *
bulletUsed for establishing gross zero. Enabled at a range of 2% or full scale capacity.
bullet Pushbutton Tare
bullet Automatically tars the weight of the object placed on the scale.
bullet Auto Zero Tracking *
bullet Automatically tracks zero within 1/4 digit to ensure a stable zero.
bullet Gross/Net Pushbutton
bulletView net and gross weight when tare weight has been entered.
bullet Print Pushbutton *
bullet Transmits data out of serial port.
bullet Numeric ID *
bulletSingle register to enter up to seven digits of numeric identification.
bullet CN *
bulletSix digit consecutive number increments each time the print button is pressed.
bullet Recall Tar Pushbutton *
bulletUsed for recall viewing of tare weights.
bullet Keyboard Tare *
bullet10 Tare lookup (0-9) to enter predetermined tare values.
bullet PC WT Entry*
bullet9 Piece weight look-up (1-9) determines count by entering pre-determined piece weight.
bullet Weight Accumulators *
bullet10 weight accumulation registers with sub-total/total.
bullet Digital Filter *
bullet Compensate for vibration or motion, keyboard selected from 1 to 32 updates per average.
bullet Data Output *
bulletSerial ASCII 20MA current loop with selectable baud rates (150-19, 2K), selectable auto or manual print, continuous data out, or bi-directional communication.
bullet Remote Control Inputs
bulletZero; Tare; Net/Gross; Print. Requires voltage free contact.
bullet Enclosure
bulletNEMA-12 wallmount/dust tight
bullet Keyboard
bulletSealed keyboard with tactile keys.
bullet Display
bullet6 digits and (-) sign. Seven segment, 0.5" high blue vacuum fluorescent type, with annunciators for: function select; center zero; tare; net; pieces.
bullet Internal Raw Count
bullet80,000 counts, maximum.
bullet Display Resolution
bullet1 part in 10,000 maximum
bullet Display Increments
bulletx1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50, x100
bullet Decimal Point Location
bullet Selectable 1 to 4 places to the left
bullet A/D Conversion Rate
bullet15 updates per second.
bullet Response Time
bulletZero to full scale capacity, selectable from 0.5 to 4 seconds.
bullet Display Rate
bullet Selectable 0.25, o.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 updates per second.
bullet Over Capacity
bulletDisplays 'OLOAD' at 102% of Full Scale capacity.
bullet Center Zero
bulletLight indication when scale is within +/- 0.25 digit of center of zero.
bullet Load Cell Excitation
bullet15 VDC, powers up to twelve (12) 350 ohm load cells.
bullet Input Sensitivity
bullet0.8 to 6 microvolts per digit.
bullet Accuracy
bullet.01% of full scale maximum.
bullet Data Output
bulletSerial ASCIII 20MA current loop with selectable baud rates (150-19.2K), selectable auto or manual print, continuous data out, or bi-directional communication.
bullet Operating Temperature
bullet-10 C to +40 C (+14F to +104F).
bullet Humidity
bulletMaximum 95% RH non-condensing.
bullet Power
bullet120 or 240VAC, 50/60 HZ, 25 watts.
bullet Dimensions
bullet12" H x 10"W x 5"D
bullet Weight
bullet16 lbs.
bullet Outputs
bulletDual Port serial RS-232 and/or 20MA current loop; RS-422; RS-485;Parallel BCD; Analog 4-20MA or 0-5VDC; High resolution Analog
bullet Battery Backup
bulletProvides battery protected memory for all storage registered.
bullet Time and Date
bulletBattery backed up time and date with selectable 12 or 24 hour mode.
bullet Setpoints
bullet Reference DWM-IV PWC.
bullet N4X Enclosure
bulletNEMA-4 Stainless Steel watertight wallmount enclosure.
bullet Table Stand
Provides 60 angle mount stand for wallmount enclosure.








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