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RLWS 920i
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RLWS 920i


Introducing the 920i...

The new 920i is the first programmable indicator/controller to blend revolutionary user interfaces, total flexibility and ultimate processing performance with the simplicity of a basic weight indicator.

  The 920i combines the power of three advanced features to accurately process data faster than any other.
bulletThe industry's fastest analog-to-digital conversion factor. At 960 updates per second, the 920i receives weight data three times faster than other programmables. This feature ensures faster processing in batching, filling and multi-scale operations.
bulletThe 920i uses a next-generation microprocessor that tears through programs in record time. The code is fully-compiled so that even the most complex programs won't slow your system.
bulletFinally, the 920i incorporates technology called ESP—Event Sequential Protocol. Similar to modern computer processing, events are identified, prioritized and executed by handlers with unprecedented efficiency.
  The 920i's modular design allows you to choose only the options necessary for your current application, yet leaves freedom to expand in the future. Whether your process requires multiple scales or connection to other peripherals, the 920i offers the most communication protocols to get the job done:
bulletUp to 28 A/Ds (scales) and 32 channels
bullet100 setpoint steps
bulletUp to 32 serial ports
bulletUp to 340 digital I/O
bulletUp to 14 analog outputs
bulletUp to 14 pulse inputs
bulletEasily integrated into new or existing industrial automation systems
bulletProvides open connectivity with popular networking systems like Allen-Bradley's remote I/O, DeviceNet, Profibus DP and Ethernet








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